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Problème de cryptographie sur la Cognos 8

Problème de cryptographie sur la Cognos 8
Un problème de cryptographie survient lors du passage de la 1re version vers la 2e version (MR1).

Solution :

1) Eteindre toutes les applications Cognos et Services

2) Aller sur le poste dans le répertoire :
C:\Program Files\Cognos\c8\configuration

3) Effacer le fichier et les répertoires suivants :
-fichier = caSerial
-répertoires = csk, encryptkeypair, signkeypair

4) Renommer le fichier cogconfig.prefs en cogconfig.old par exemple

5) Relancer la sauvegarde dans l'application Cognos Configuration

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Derničre mise ŕ jour: 2007-12-29 20:15
Auteur: Michel Preti
Révision: 1.0

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Commenté par JsqFLRJS33:
Hmmm,Tom, did you know al multi-spaces in a reply are broken down to sglnie spaces?In the script above it's not a big deal because only the asciiart I have at the top of all my scripts look like rubish, but sometimes in a script multiple spaces are functional :-(Erik van Roon
Added at: 2015-10-19 03:27

Commenté par 7hdeIpp7:
93....The average db was 100-300MB.The video card in my kid's pc at home has much more mermoy than that...My largest db back then was a "monster" 3GB. Yes, technology has indeed changed. But have the mentality and processes changed as well?This morning I had someone question the wisdom of not rebuilding indexes every night...
Added at: 2015-10-20 12:36

Commenté par WG9GGfr5p:
Hi Tom,My comment is on Chapt 12 (pg 522-523).At the boottm of pg522, you explain that 4712BC is 'less than' 4710BC and by dumping the two dates, you can see that 01-jan-4710BC is "larger" than the same day in 4712BC.In the next page, you show the output of "select x, dump(x,10) d from t;While I was reading this, I had wanted to see the order of the output to agree with what you describe in the leading paragraph. But it didn't. The output shows the rows in the order the table was populated. (at first glance, I had assumed the order of the rows were representing what you were describing and was confused until I ran the following sql)....So, when I issued the query -select x from t order by x; then, I get the output that demonstrates what you were describing before.Thanks,Bernice Lam
Added at: 2015-12-21 09:05

Commenté par z5agSL1W:
Thanks so much for providing inlididuavs with a very spectacular opportunity to discover important secrets from this blog. It is always very kind and as well , stuffed with fun for me and my office colleagues to search your website nearly three times weekly to read the latest stuff you have. Of course, I'm so usually fascinated with your sensational inspiring ideas you give. Certain 3 ideas in this posting are ultimately the very best we have ever had.
Added at: 2015-12-22 19:19

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Added at: 2016-07-04 18:02

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