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Génération de dates pour un interval

Voici comment générer des dates avec un seul SELECT, sur un interval défini selon les bornes suivantes :

DATE MINIMALE (incluse) : En Vert

DATE MAXIMALE (incluse) : En Bleu


Solution 1 :Version simple :

SELECT TO_DATE ('2014-01-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD') - 1 + rownum AS dtdate
  FROM dual CONNECT BY LEVEL <=  (TO_DATE ('2015-01-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD')) - TO_DATE ('2014-01-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD') 


Solution 2 :Version avancé :

Ce SELECT pourrait être utilisé pour alimenté par exemple, une dimension de type Date.

to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate, 'YYYYMMDD')) AS iddate,
CurrDate                                 AS dtdate,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYYDD'))        AS idjour,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'DD'))        AS nbjour,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'DD'), 2,'0')      AS txjour,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'D'))         AS nbjoursemaine,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'D'), 2,'0')       AS txjoursemaine,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'DDD'))       AS nbjourannee,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'DDD'), 3,'0')     AS txjourannee,
TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Day')                  AS txjoursemainecomplet,
REGEXP_REPLACE(TO_CHAR(CurrDate, 'DAY D MONTH YYYY'),'( ){2,}', ' ') AS txjourcomplet,
CurrDate                  - 1            AS dtjourprecedent,
CurrDate                  + 1            AS dtjoursuivant,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate+1,'YYYYIW'))  AS idsemaineannee,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate+1,'IW'))      AS nbsemaineannee,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate+1,'IW'), 2,'0')    AS txsemaineannee,
'Semaine ' || LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate+1,'IW'), 2,'0') AS txsemaineanneecomplet,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYYMM'))        AS idmois,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'MM'))        AS nbmois,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'MM'), 2,'0')      AS txmois,
TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Month')                AS txmoiscomplet,
to_number((TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYYQ')))       AS idtrimestre,
to_number((TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q')))       AS nbtrimestre,
LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), 2,'0')       AS txtrimestre,
'Trimestre ' || LPAD(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), 2,'0') AS txtrimestrecomplet,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYY') || TRANSLATE(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), '1234','1122')) AS idsemestre,
to_number(TRANSLATE(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), '1234','1122')) AS nbsemestre,
LPAD(TRANSLATE(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), '1234','1122'), 2,'0') AS txsemestre,
'Semestre ' || LPAD(TRANSLATE(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'Q'), '1234','1122'), 2,'0') AS txsemestrecomplet,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYY'))      AS idannee,
to_number(TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYY'))      AS nbannee,
TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYY')                 AS txannee,
'Année ' || TO_CHAR(CurrDate,'YYYY')     AS txanneecomplet 
TO_DATE('01/01/2014','DD/MM/YYYY') + NUMTODSINTERVAL(level - 1,'day')
FROM dual
CONNECT BY level <= (TO_DATE('31/12/2014','DD/MM/YYYY') + 1) - TO_DATE(

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Comment par NYLAJVSfpOH:
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Added at: 2016-05-28 14:52

Comment par zZRVA4cT:
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Comment par W3ssu69x:
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Added at: 2016-07-21 15:42