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Procédure de migration d'un catalogue Data Manager 8.2 vers 8.4

Migration d'un catalogue Data Manager 8.2 vers 8.4

NB: Prenons pour hypothèse que le content store est stocké sur une base Oracle. 


Voici les Ă©tapes pour la migration du catalogue :

1)    Backup du catalogue actuel (en version Data Manager 8.2); Menu Fichier/Backup Catalogue xxxx.ctg 

2)    Création d'un nouveau schéma Oracle (ex:DM84) pour stocker ce futur content store 8.4.

3)    Avec Data Manager 8.2, créer un nouveau catalogue vide sur le nouveau schéma Oracle (DM84).

4)    Restorer le backup de la version 8.2 (voir point 1), puis le sauver.

5)    Ouvrir ensuite Data Manager 8.4 sur le nouveau schéma Oracle (DM84). 

6)   Sauver le catalogue en version 8.4



Cette migration n'a que peu d'impact étant donné que les 2 content stores sont identique en structure. 

En effet, les noms des tables, les colonnes et les types de données sont identiques en 8.2 et 8.4 :


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Commenté par c03xnXJu6uR:
Regarding how long...I just wondered wteehhr you had read SQL Tuning by Dan Tow. It it supposed to help answer the question "How do you decide which execution plan a query should use".Jonathan makes a mention to it in one of his blog comments ( I searched for the comment but couldn't find it ). I ordered it off the back of this mention and am currently giving it a read.So far it is good. Although I haven't yet got into the real meat of it. I'm hoping it will give me a different way of thinking about what happens at SQL execution time. It looks promising.Best Regards,
Added at: 2015-12-21 09:21

Commenté par 3OwFy1Bec9:
Primary reason was that it was hidedn. Second thing is that, since it was already mentioned it was the same code-base as the other editions, it restricted usage only to XE specific issues like licensing usages (or bugs if any). Interface related questions were answered in the htmldb forum as well. Answers for licensing and stuff are available in FAQ and other sites, so did not feel a specific reason to log into the forums..except to read about other peoples experiences and acceptability.
Added at: 2015-12-22 19:19

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Added at: 2016-04-29 22:57

Commenté par Cr2tQmYZ:
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Added at: 2016-05-22 05:06

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Commenté par wBzKhdLzSE:
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Commenté par rn2jGZIV8cw3:
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