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Effet Javascript de suppression de toolbar

Suite à une sélection par défaut d'un prompt , voici 2 exemples Javascript pouvant supprimer la toolbar en haut à droite des rapports !!!!



function init()
{    document.formWarpRequest._oLstChoiceslstSecurite.options[2].selected =  true;
<body onLoad=init()>


<script type="text/javascript">
function init()
{    document.formWarpRequest._oLstChoiceslstSecurite.options[2].selected =  true;
<body onLoad=init()>


document.formWarpRequest._oLstChoiceslstSecurite.options[2].selected =  true;

Tags: Truncate Multiple Oracle

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Dernire mise jour: 2008-10-02 17:46
Auteur: Michel Preti
Rvision: 1.0

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Comment par IdnfS1SL:
It is natural to ptrmooe your own stuff. We all do it -- this is at the foundation of capitalism. It is also accepted (and acceptable) to ptrmooe others' stuff -- this is called advertising.This particular case is different, IMHO, in two ways. One: it is sneaky. Two: it ptrmooes an inferior, dead-end product. It's like offering the visitors to your hotel a free but intentionally incomplete map of the area.At this point I must stop and perhaps reverse myself, for this is exactly what hotels at the Jersey shore do -- offer maps of the area prepared by the local chamber of commerce. Only establishments who paid for placement appear on the map.Now I am confused.
Added at: 2015-10-19 02:39

Comment par R38VPH884N:
Hello 灰人:多謝你的來訪及留言.你說只有PO list才是electronic,其他文件全都是紙質文件,對嗎? 連stock receiving rerpot, AP payment voucher, Purchase requistion form等等都是紙質文件? 如果沒有electronic的數據,那就沒有辦法做100% scanning 了. 話需如此, 也不是說沒有辦法找出問題的,你可否講多一些關於你auditee的詳情?例如那一個行業,procurement dept 是 centralized 還是 decentralized, 他們有沒有自己的 procurement policies & procedures, 是否有 Approved supplier list, procurement system 全是人手的還是部份是automatic的?為了privacy起見,你可以寫個email給我,大家通過email研究一下.p.s. 你是如何發現我的Blog的?
Added at: 2015-10-20 12:33

Comment par URz3NcIyoR:
:-DI really tghhout that must have been an interesting presentation, pity that I missed you talking about Customized Arrows, Venn Diagrams (Four vs. Three Circles), Colour Palettes, Cropping Images and all this kind of stuff !
Added at: 2015-12-21 08:57

Comment par GMPkJGgx0HZ:
Tom: I thought you might like that one.Andy: I ecxept a rash of comments telling me I'm the least famous and talented of the three. Those smilies go unnoticed by some (not Tom). :)CheersTim...(The real nobody)
Added at: 2015-12-22 19:19

Comment par WlwK5KAhMW8e:
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Comment par XNEfCmlGP:
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Comment par aHq5OkIGnB:
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Added at: 2016-05-31 17:19

Comment par I1jSIMQP2f3:
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