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Appel d'un VBS Ă  partir d'un fichier .bat

Appel d'un VBS Ă  partir d'un fichier .bat
Voici comment appeler un vbs Ă  partir d'un fichier .BAT

MĂ©thode1: Si le chemin ne contient pas d'espace:
C:\AccessMan.vbs C:\AccManTest.txt

MĂ©thode1: Si le chemin contient des espaces:
"C:\Get Log.vbs" "dw test"

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Auteur: Michel Preti
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Commenté par neNcI82ED:
Hi Tom,This is my first time visiting this site; I put in DBA's happy and found this site. I'm thnkniig about changing my major from accounting to MIS and focusing on databases. I like to build and create things, with the knowledge that I can make a difference. I also hate to get up at 6am like most accountants I know, but most of all I would like to get away from the number crunching.I've always liked tech but was scared of all the intense math in some of the CIS programming curriculum, like tough classes in linear algebra. MIS seems to be able to offer another side that I can handle, I think..aahhah.. What would you tell someone like me who is thnkniig of going this route, both negative and positive. Btw, I am going to a University and when I finish i'll have a BS degree from a University. Sorry don't know if that helps..hahahah..Happy anniversary and congratulations on your large following of friends. Cheers
Added at: 2015-10-19 03:34

Commenté par vy0igWynDutS:
Thirteen years - good Lord! I am sure you were bemused with Oracle to keep you there for terhtien years! It was much fun to work with Oracle 7.3, obscurity makes things really inquisitive with al these hidden gems :) That was definitely very attractive & challenging to many "techies". Now, since Relational Databases are getting dressed up with "self-tuning" mantra, I am wondering will you be there after terhtien years!Imagine in 2020: Mr Thomas Kyte, where you will be? http://vbwhykjkjvq.com [url=http://ialtycgr.com]ialtycgr[/url] [link=http://qufsqu.com]qufsqu[/link]
Added at: 2015-10-22 09:39

Commenté par 8gANJlyef:
I almost think that in colelge you might not know what you want to do when you graduate :)And DBA stuff can be 24x7 - meaning, 6am could be the end of your shift as well as the beginning.I cannot really counsel you as the path to follow, that is a very personal sort of decision. I was a math major myself (no computers at all until after graduation). Hard to say what is correct for someone else.
Added at: 2015-10-24 02:21

Commenté par qmDeQzTbTQ5R:
Congratulations. I was just about discovering dbasatae systems (with a company called Adaytum Systems long since bought by cognos) courtesy of The note there about manual readability is bang on the money as well, best docs I read for a long, long time. We also got to play with one of Mark Rittman's favourites .anyway how come 8.0.4, 8.0.5 and 8.0.6 got coalesced into one release, when 8.1.5,8.1.6 and 8.1.7 didn't. Bad memories? :).
Added at: 2015-12-21 09:41

Commenté par gNJGoco9:
so" or mythology.But the bigesgt change - the database is more self managing than it used to be in many respects (eg: auto undo management for example) that the DBA's can "fire and forget" on some things for many database instances - which is good because the databases they are managing are many orders of magnitude larger, with many many orders of magnitude more users and of course - no down time :)
Added at: 2015-12-22 19:19

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